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Profile of a Donor

Big John's Market - John Lloyd“No child ever wants to fail! The mission of public education is to nurture every student by appealing to his curiosity and involving him in the process and the outcome. If money will make the difference, then we want to do our share to make that difference happen!”

– John Lloyd




This Fall Kim and John Lloyd, owners of Big John’s Market, made a donation of over $65,000 to the Healdsburg Education Foundation in support of the Healdsburg Public Schools. The contribution includes $55,000 for the HEF Endowment Fund, $5,000 for the High School Internship Program and $5,000 for the Parents Involved in Quality Education Program (PIQE).

To Date

The Lloyds have donated over $280,000 in support of our local public schools.

Lloyd’s Donation

Chris Vanden Heuvel, Principal of Healdsburg High School described the Internship program and the Lloyd’s donation impact:“Kim and John Lloyd’s generosity enables us to provide a real world internship experience for many of our students.  These students will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals in various fields, developing skills and an awareness that cannot be replicated in a classroom. This latest gift will have a long lasting benefit in the lives of these students and exemplifies the tremendous support that the Healdsburg community has for its schools”.

The Lloyd’s also donated $5,000 for the PIQE Parent Education Program at the Junior High. Annie Millar, the HUSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction, explains the vital role that the PIQE program will play in supporting our parent community:“PIQE, the Parent Institute for Quality Education, is a national program committed to strengthening partnerships between parents, community and schools. The nine-week program is free for parents and is designed to help them foster a positive educational environment for their children both at home and at school.. Parents learn what classes are important and needed for children planning to attend college, how grades are used for college admittance, how to navigate the school system and other information vital to the academic success of their children. The program will be conducted in Spanish and delivered by parents who live within the area and who have graduated from the program”.

In addition the Lloyd’s donated an additional $50,000 gift to the HEF Endowment, part of their overall $300,000 pledge and commitment to grow the Endowment. Kirk Bowman, HEF Board member explains “Kim and John’s most generous gift gives a meaningful kick- start in the establishment of an endowment for HEF. The importance of an endowment is that it allows quality programs to have the assurance of being funded irrespective of whether annual gift levels achieve targeted goals. People can count on the existence of those programs and plan accordingly.”

Big John’s Market

In addition to their financial generosity, Big John’s Market has donated food for the Morning Grumble program at the Elementary School, supported sports programs, and John Lloyd has served as a Community Representative on the Healdsburg Charter School Board and currently serves on the HEF Board of Directors.

Follow the links for more information on community supported programs or to donate to our schools, You can also friend HEF on Facebook, or call 433-1223.