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Sponsors & Supporters

Importance of Support & Donations

Since 1985, HEF has partnered with community, parent, business, service organization and foundation donors to raise over $4 million to support our Healdsburg public schools.

Annually, HEF raises over $500,000 to ensure that vital programs are retained and that our schools invest in innovative initiatives that accelerate student learning and prepare ALL of our students for college, career and citizenship.

Your generosity and belief in the importance of strong schools in Healdsburg is what makes HEF a vital partner in funding local student success.

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Individual Donors

Anonymous (6)
Noel Adams
Hala Al-Shamma and Nabeel Al-Shahwany
Howard and Connie Alexander
Tania Amochaev
Ann Amtower
Tricia Coxhead and Gerald Anderso
Susan and Bill Arbios
Sunni Ashley
Timothy Auer and Holly Auer-Jordan
Marion Ault
Elaine Bossa Bacigalupi
Gary and Martha Bannister
Julie Ann Bartlett
David and Karen Baumunk
Barbara L. Baxter
Wesley and Patricia Bean
Sonia Beck
Sandra Beddow
Richard and Elizabeth Bermudes
Cindy and Jerry Beth
Chris and Christine Bethards
Nancy and Duff Bevill
Don and Heidi Blumenthal
Kristine Bodily
Julie Bowles
Mary J. Bowling
Kirk and Laura Bowman
James and Catherine Brandau
Lynne Brett
Wes and Martha Brooks
Stephen Brown
Wesley Brubacher
James and Nancy Brush
Shirley Buchignani
Jennifer Buchignani
Richard and Claudia Bugarske
Elise Bulger
Richard and Mary Burke
Dave and Diane Burnley
JoAnn Bursick
Pat Callahan
Ted Calvert
Genario Calvo
Nancy and Robert Carlson
Frank and Patricia Carrubba
Blanca Castillo
George Christie
Stacey and Jeff Civian
Alicia Clarke
Susan Coleman
Claire Connors
Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb
John and Mary Crockenberg
Andrea Michelsen and Ted Crowell
Bernie Curley
Kenneth and Arlene Dalton
Doug Lipton and Cindy Daniel
Anna Darden
Roy and Nancy Davis
Robert and Karen Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Davis
Edgar and Judy Deas
Tom and Ronnie Devitt
Luis and Irma Diaz
David and Alejandrina Dinkel
Walter Doll
Lisa Thorpe and Jack Dowling
Ronald and Judy Douglass
Brad Drexler, MD and Pamela Drexler
Carol Noack and Dennis Drowty
Jim and Paula Du Vander
Jerry and Mary Lou Eddinger
Corinne and Mike Efram
Don and Kay Elsbree
Barbara Epstein
Marina Espinoza
Andy and Susanne Esquivel
Estate of Frank P. LaSalle
Charlie Evans
Kyle and Nicole Evans
Ann and Dick Evans
Leslie and Todd Everett
Mike and Gail Fairchild
David and Denna Faloni
David and Joyce Fanucchi
Ken and Stephanie Feith
Kevin and Denise Feldman
Kathleen O’Brien and Russell Fish
Candace Bullock Foley
Lindsey Brown and Gina Fontana
Donald and Ann Frazer

John and Anne Friedemann
Robert Carroll and Karen Gaffney
Allen annd Yvonne Garayalde
Anayeli Gatica
Marie Gewirtz
Susan Nervo Giammattei
Yolanda and Argelio Giron
Joe and Anne Godfrey
Scott Landers and Leah Gold
David and Eugenia Graham
Dana and Steven Grande
Walter and Barbara Gruber
Pedro Guadalupe
Tina Guerrero
Sergio Guzman
The Parke Hafner Family
Mark and Rosie Hagerman
Martin Dreiling and Deborah Hall
Susan and Gary Halling
Jeff and Kate Harding
Juergen Hartung
Stephen and Paula Hawkes
James and Jessica Heaney
Ana Hernandez
Jennifer and Justin Herrguth
Henry and Sharon Hersch
Peter and Heather Higgins
Carla Hills
Carroll and John Hirsch
Otto Hoefler
Michael and Annie Holden
Geraldine and John Holt
Carla Howell
Dan and Quincey Imhoff
Jensch Family
Lucie Jensen
Tony Hansen and Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Camille and David Jones
John Jordan
T. N. Jordan, Jr.
Deborah Karish
David Katz
Ariah Keller
Holly Killion
Kingsbury/Burg Family Fund
Katherine Kinsella
Scott and Rachelle Kozel
Thomas and Annabelle Kozel
Linus Lancaster
Naomi Lashmet
Maria Ledezma
Herb and Beverly Liberman
Marjorie Lilienthal
Kim and John Lloyd
Bill and Kathy Loftus
Carlos Eloy and Petronila Lopez Coronel
Vance and Chris Love
Tamara Lubliner, LCSW
Conrado and Amada Lucas
Phil and Charlene Luks
John G.H. Lum
Chris Arai and Tess Lusher
Walter Maack, MD
Wanda Burzycki and Marc Mager
Damian Marsden, MD
Gilberto Martinez
Richard and Elizabeth McDowell
Jill and David McGhee
Emily McGrath
Joseph McGrath
Mike and Erika McGuire
Elizabeth McLachlan
Lannie Medina and Alan Smithwick
Sonia Mercado
Greta Mesics
Arlene Naschke and Russ Messing
Lisa and Maurcio Michaels
Cathy and John Mihalik
Annie Millar
Michael and Karen Miller
Ann Marie Montecuollo
Ramiro Moran
Michael Mork
Donna Del Ray and Jim Morris
Douglas and Julianne Muhleman
J Mullineaux
Dennis and Katherine Murphy
Karen and Jack Neureuter
Jeff and Laurie Nimmo
The Norgrove Family
Laura and Matt O’Connor
Maria Ochoa
Barbara and Pier Oddone
Steve Oliver
Lucia and Ernie Osborn
Brian and Kerith Overstreet

Lisa and Charlie Palmer
Herlinda Paredes
Lauren Parnes
Cheryl Parsely
Henk and Carol Peeters
Connie Petereit
Mark and Carol Peterson
Marjorie Pettus
William and Patricia Peyser
Brady Phenicie
Helen Galindo and Wayne Pickering
Doug and Jan Pile
Robert (Bobby) Platt
Martha Pogue
Rosario Lopez Popoca
Kevin and Lonna Powers
Dan Prentice
Susan and Doug Provisor
Greg and Caryl Putnam
Thomas Rackerby, CPA
Josephina Fregoso de Ramirez
Lourdes Rangel
Jeffrey and Phyllis Rapp
Adolfo Reyes
Eloisa Reyes
John Rhodes
Devorah Ritchie
Didi Rodrigues
Wayne and Pauline Rogers
Robert and Sharon Roper
Steve Deas and Jane Rosenberg
Nicole and Drew Ross
Walter Ross
Charles Rullman
Dennis Rutkowski
Sue Sacks
Leticia Salazar
Silverio Santiago
Julia and Bob Santos
Vi and Arnold Santucci
Kate Henry and Graham Sarasy
Robert and Donna Sauers
Jane and Edward Sbragia
Irene and Lewis Sbrana
Ilene Frommer and Eric Schlaeppi
Susan Schmid
Stephen and Zoe Schwartz
Bruce and Carmen Selfridge
Lisa Shaffner, The John Jordan Foundation
Gail Ginder and Jesse Shaw
The Sher Family
Jim and Scott Silveira
Santiago Silverio
Steve and Wendy Smit
Cathy Smith
Lee Smith
Walt and Blanche Smith
Elisa Snedden
Dennis and Toni Sousa
Jan and Brent Stanley
David Stare
John Staten
Victoria and Gerald Stone
Sean and Anna Stroud
Roger and Carmen Stuhlmuller
Daniel and Melody Sugars
Joe Compagno and Linda Summervile
Bettie Swan
Hally and Pamela Swan
Celia Talbot
Ingrid Hochrein and Mike Tayek
Jan and Joe Taylor
Michael Teitz
Churchill Thapa
Barbara Jean and Richard Thomas
Mike and Suzanne Tinney
William K. Tom
Molly Brown Turk
Dr. Steve and Susan Vargas and Family
Serafin Vargas-Gomez
Herman and Judith Velasquez
Donna Vincent
Judy Voigt
Tom Lenny and Susan Volkel
Therese Walker
Jenny and Fred Walter
Dotty and Jim Walters
Jean and Charles Ward
Warren and Janis Watkins
Marilyn Webster
Sally Jane Weed
Barbara Weinstock
Nelson and Jane Weller
Beatrice and Dan Wildermuth
Mike Williams
Merete Wimmer
Cathy and Locke Wilson
Heather Wilson
Rex and Sally Wilson
Gordon and Theresa Wistrom
Barbara and Howard Wollner
Irene Young
Ci Ci Zellerbach


Albertina L. Zanzi Living Trust
Calpine Foundation
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Community Foundation Sonoma County, Healdsburg Area Affiliate
James Miller Endowment Fund
Meyer Family Fund
Overstreet Family Foundation
Oliver Ranch Foundation
PG&E Corporation Foundation
Syar Foundation
The John Jordan Foundation
The Stare Fund

Clubs and Service Organizations

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Dry Creek Neighbors
Healdsburg Little League
Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg
Rotary Club of Healdsburg
Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise
Soroptimists International of Healdsburg
Sotoyome Curtis Lodge #123 (Mason’s)

Business Donors

Alexander Valley Vineyards
Amoruso Printing
Ann Marie Fine Jewelry Design
Arthur E. Schieffer & Son Insurance
Bear Republic Brewing Co. Inc.
Bernier Zinyards
Big John’s Market
Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough, LLC
Brandau’s Edgeworks
Brandt Insurance Agency
Brush Bernard Mitchell, CPA’s
Cawiji Studios
Joyce Change, DMD
William Conklin, DDS
Christie Consulting
Country Gardens, LLC
CW Consulting, LLC
Costeaux Bakery
Damien Marsden, MD
Denny’s Electric, Inc.
Double O Mini Storage
Brad Drexler, MD
Dry Creek Kitchen by Charlie Palmer
E&M Electric & Machinery, Inc
Eddinger Enterprises Inc.
Esquivel Insurance Agency, Inc.
Estate of Frank P. Lasalle
Phaenicie Business Management
Field Stone Winery & Vineyard, Inc.
FreeRun Winery Services, LLC
General Dynamics
Gina Fontana, DDS
Grove Street Brokers
Healdsburg Tax Service
Healdsburg Country Gardens
Healdsburg Property Mgmt.
Healdsburg Realty
Healdsburg Sotheby’s International Realty
Healdsburg Yoga Studio
Health Safety & Risk Management Services
Hotel Healdsburg
Howard Alexander, DDS
Jesse Whitely, DDS
Learning – Etc.
Looking Glass
Max Machinery, Inc.
Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital
Mill Street Antiques
Mix Garden
Mork Capital Management
North Coast Vineyard Management, Inc.
Optima Wine Cellars
Options Gallery, Inc.
Pembroke Studios, Inc.
PG&E Solar Schools Project
Quattrocchi Kwok Architects, Inc.
Ray Holley Communications
Redwood Empire Dermatology
River Myst Haven, LLC
Roger Bartels, DDS
Russian Riverkeeper
Sauers Properties
Schaezlein Marketing and Design
Silveira -Buick-GMC
Skin Lounge
Spadoni & Company Realty
R. Steven Vargas, MD
Stuhlmuller Vineyards
Summit State Bank
TAL Design Build
Walter Maack, MD
The Welding Shop
William Tom, DDS
Villagio Dental
Vineyard Industry Products Co.
Volkel Interior Design
Warm Spring Ranch
Weinstock Vineyards
Wells Fargo Foundation
Westamerica Bank
Wine Country Group Realtors by Better Homes and Gardens
Zoes Meats