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2015-2016 – Funding Priority Programs


PASITOS PROJECT – Early Childhood Education

Funding Need: $9,448


We know investing earlier in childhood development makes the biggest difference in ours students’ success. Thus, HEF is raising $17,000 this year for the PASITOS project, an evidence based program provided by Community Action Partnership. PASITOS prepares young children aged 3-4 years old from underserved neighborhoods to be successful in school. It provides parents with tools that will maximize their impact as their child’s first teacher and advocate. Parents and children enrolled in the Pasitos program share activities that build language, early literacy, fine motor skills and social ability. All activities are designed to encourage children to practice new skills and demonstrate the type of school readiness activities that can take place with parents at home. Recent evaluation data shows that parents who complete the program show substantial increase in knowledge of good parenting practices and the number of times they read to their children.

 Parent Involvement for Quality Education (PIQE)PIQE

Funding Need: $15,556

The Parent Involvement for Quality Education (PIQE) program is based on the belief that parents and teachers must work together to ensure the educational success of every child. Through a series of 9 classes, parents learn how to navigate the school system, how to foster a positive educational environment at home and school, and how to advocate for their child to ensure their student receives the educational services they need to reach their highest potential. All parents who complete the course graduate with a program certificate and are encouraged to serve as facilitators for the next year’s parents, thus further building parent involvement and leadership.




Funding Need: $103,302

Entering kindergarten, over 70% of our students are English Learners. Many of these students are able to become fully fluent in English within a few years. However, a significant percentage of English language students get stuck in an intermediate stage of English, and do not become fully proficient in the language, hindering their academic success.

Borrowing from Districts that have successfully addressed this concern, like the Roseland School District, the Healdsburg public schools are implementing a new program of Accelerated English Language Summer School and School Year Instruction for students who are learning English as a second language. The program utilizes systematic instruction that breaks down the building blocks of language into understandable, manageable parts which accelerates language acquisition and prevents learning gaps that limit students’ ability to move up the grades as expectations increase in rigor. HEF is raising a total of $65,000 this school year for this program, which includes intensive teacher training in English Language Instruction and the conduct of Summer School. A leader in addressing the achievement gap in our County, the John Jordan Foundation made a generous gift funding the Summer School Program with a $25,000 grant. The John Jordan Foundation’s gift has enabled us to launch the Accelerated English Program and begin to leverage their donation to fully fund this vital program for our students.



All Healdsburg High School Freshman participate in the Freshman Seminar, which is designed to introduce students to successful strategies for thriving in high school, planning for a career, college or vocational training. Grade 9 teachers work together in core groups, creating smaller learning communities that ensure no student slips through the cracks. The Freshman Seminar encourages active participation of students, teachers, parents and community partners, and sets the groundwork for achieving the following goals.

• Development of school-based and workplace competencies
• Motivation to stay actively engaged with school through graduation
• Improvement of student grades
• Improvement in student employability
• Increased awareness of nontraditional career opportunities
• Help for students in identifying career pathways

In addition to self-exploration, students take a big step in engaging with their community through the “Listening for a Change” program. Students are trained to conduct oral histories and engage in active listening. Groups of freshmen working together invite selected community members to come to the high school where students conduct in-depth oral history interviews. Students are responsible for every aspect of the interview process. Each interview is filmed and edited by Healdsburg High School’s Digital Arts students,





20015-2016 Funding Need: $22,000

Taking the next step in career readiness, all High School Juniors will engage in a 6 week internship program with a local business. The expansion to the full class of our Juniors is a direct result of the success of last year’s pilot program. The Internship Program has student interns work with their mentors to explore career options, engage in authentic vocational situations, and build their career skills. Upon completion of their internship, students present to a Career Panel who evaluate the students’ skill outcomes and presentation style.


Funding Need: $8334

The Mike Hauser Algebra Academy is a summer program, which serves 8th grade English Learners who did not complete Algebra 1 in eighth grade. Using real-world applied Algebra, the program creates a strong connection between academic skill development and rea-world experience for preparing to enter high school.This program has clear goals in mind: 1) support ESL students in graduating from high school, and 2) encourage them to consider a path that leads through college to a career in technology.”

Launched in 2007, the Algebra Academy was the vision of the late Mike Hauser, former CEO of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. He understood the importance of ensuring an educated and trained workforce for the businesses in Santa Rosa and realized that, if we fail to increase the graduation rates of students for whom English is a second language, we will lose their talents and any real hope of maintaining and growing our workforce.

In partnership with Healdsburg and Santa Rosa Chambers of Commerce, the Mike Hauser Algebra Academy (MHAA) will be held for a 3rd year in Healdsburg. Students will visit sponsor companies and local agencies to learn Algebra standards and their application to real-world situations.

The curriculum is specifically tailored by the teacher to connect the content with the various settings students visit so that students can fully capitalize on the experience. Students will use Chromebooks (or similar devices) throughout the program.

Rigor & EnrichmentK-5 Enrichment Program

Funding Need: $129,887

This year HEF has pledged to raise $129,887 for the K-5 Enrichment Program and for K-12 Music and Arts. The HES Enrichment program provides courses designed to inspire students and open doors to new opportunities. All 740 of our elementary school students share hands-on
experiences and explore new, culturally rich interests in an effort to address the learning and developmental needs of the “whole child”. Exposing our youngest students to a broad spectrum of creative and investigative disciplines enables lifelong passions to take root and hidden talents are brought to light.

This school year marks our fourth year of the Enrichment Program, which provides instruction by certified instructors trained in the following 9 disciplines:

  •  Art
  • Computers
  •  Music
  •  Garden/Nutrition
  •  Fitness
  •  Lego-Robotics
  •  Chess
  •  Drama
  •  Science

While our students attend Enrichment Classes, with specialized enrichment instructors, their homeroom teachers are able to meet on a weekly basis to collaborate on instruction and student learning. This past year, we experienced a substantial increase in our test  scores, which are due, in part, to the addition of the Enrichment Program. As a direct result of the Enrichment Program, our students gave community music and drama performances, grew produce for the local food pantry, and participated in regional science, robotics and chess competitions, many placing high in the rankings.

HEF_MusicK-12 Music and Art

Continuing with strong a strong commitment from HUSD leadership and community partners, HEF will continue to support a strong core K-12 Art and Music Program.

In addition to the K-5th grade music program funded through HEF in the Enrichment Program, HEF supports a Junior High Music Teacher, and the Jazz Band Program at the Junior High and High School.

K-12 Library/TechnologyK-12 Library/Technology

Funding Need: $101,689

HEF’s goal this year in the area of Library and Technology is to raise $101,689. These funds will be used to address both District-wide Library and Technology needs. HEF is raising funds to keep the libraries open during the school day for all students and for additional afterschool “homework hours” for secondary school students. During Homework Hours, the Jr. High and High School libraries provide students a productive place for course work, access to computers, a place to hold club meetings, resources for college and vocational research, and exit exam practice sites. This year HEF will be fundraising a pilot “Family Night” where families will be invited to the library to access the collections and technology, as well as learn more about what is happening in our schools and how they can get involved. Our school libraries are rich community resources that we know can help build parent/school relationships and communications.

This year’s Library Technology program also includes two key initiatives that will elevate student learning through technology. First, HEF is fundraising for an Apple minilab at the High School for the Journalism Program, AVID students, and AP Students. This lab will facilitate the production of the school newspaper, “The Hounds Bark”, which utilizes mac based software, and enable students to engage in online homework, and prepare college applications. Lastly, we are raising funds to support the development of the Fitch Mountain Learning Lab, which will serve as a District-wide technology and media training center for staff and students alike.



Established in 2011, the Healdsburg Education Foundation (HEF) Endowment Fund provides  donors with an appropriate opportunity to benefit education in Healdsburg far into the future.  Consider investing in the future of our children by donating to the Healdsburg Education Foundation Endowment Fund or by establishing a permanently endowed gift or fund in your estate plan.

By giving to the Endowment Fund, you can combine your desire to give to a charity that supports our schools with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals. Your gift will last  forever and ensure the future for our Healdsburg students.


HEF’s Lead Family Legacy gift of $300,000 from John and Kim Lloyd of Big John’s Market launched the HEF’s Endowment Fund; an additional seed gift was made by Summit State Bank, with a $25,000 pledge in honor of HEF’s 25th Anniversary.



Excellent public schools require additional private funding over the long term. Clearly our public funding system is not sufficient to provide the resources our schools need to support the excellent education all of our students need and deserve. Recognizing this, HEF has established an Endowment Fund to address our Healdsburg schools’ need for stable, long-term funding.


What is an Endowed Fund? Your donation will be prudently invested to grow over time and provide earnings that you direct to fund a grant, scholarship or provide general foundation support. You may donate any amount to the HEF Endowment fund or establish a separate endowment through a minimum donation of $10,000.


Giving to the Endowment and creating a specific fund is simple. We can discuss your philanthropic goals and help you design a fund established during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan.

In making a gift to HEF, your professional financial advisor or attorney can assist you with the calculation of tax benefits and with the selection of assets to consider as your contribution, such as an IRA, life insurance policy, stocks, and real estate.


HEF’s Board of Directors has worked diligently to ensure that we provide a credible, sustainable and fiduciary focused organization to donors. Our board reflects the diversity of our community and plays a critical role in insuring the Endowed Funds are directed to meet the greatest needs in our local schools.

Our Investment Advisory Committee provides quarterly review of HEF endowed funds, currently managed by Bingham, Osborn and Scarborough, totaling just over $260,000 (7/1/2013). See Legacy for Learning Society below.


As a non-profit, tax exempt organization, we have formulated an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to assist our Board of Directors in effectively supervising, monitoring and evaluating the investments of our assets. The objectives of the Board have been established in conjunction with a comprehensive review of the current and projected financial requirements. (link to IPS pdf). HEF has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID#68-0051242.

Case Statement 

The Public School Funding System is Broken

The crisis in American Public Education is on the front pages on an almost daily basis. Funding cuts which have been made across the board nationally have been even more dramatic in the State of California. Given the current financial state of California’s finances, relief does not appear in sight.


Imagine Schools Without Community Support

Without the Healdsburg community’s support, our schools would have little athletics, art, counseling, music, libraries, drama, science, technology and vocational education, and no Enrichment Program for our youngest Kinder-5th grade students. Many of us had the good fortune of attending California schools when these programs were a given. Our predecessors made sure these programs were funded for us. Now it is our turn.


Healdsburg Can Do it!

We know our students deserve a world class education – one that honors and nurtures their educational passions, learning styles and potentials. Here in Healdsburg, we have a student population of 2,000. We have a savvy, civic minded, and incredibly generous community. Healdsburg schools should and can be exceptional – and we can take this District to the top level. It is time for us to connect the dots and establish an Endowment to ensure that we are able to provide the world class education our students deserve and need to be successful in the world they will be entering upon graduation.

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